frequently asked questions


Why Not?!? It is incredibly satisfying! Almost anyone can throw an axe and have it stick in the target with a little bit of practice. It is all about momentum and form, not strength. At the beginning of your visit, we will teach you a couple of different ways to throw and you can pick the way that best suits you.

Yes. Definitely more safe than the short lived game of axe catching! We keep safety as a top priority. Each group will have a safety briefing and  be supervised by a Coach during play to make sure all the throwing is done in a safe manner. Closed toe shoes are required at all times.

Closed toe shoes are required. Otherwise, keep it comfortable. You will have to swing your arms over your head repeatedly so tight fitting shirts are not recommended.

Yes, you can come cheer on your friends. If you change your mind and want to throw, we can add you in later.

We have some availability for walk-in throwing, but it is best to call ahead  before you come.  Walk-in throwing will be at a common area target (shared with other walk-ins).

It is always best to call first.